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Someone’s Else’s Real-Life Struggle | Always Puts Our Own In Proper Perspective

Color photo of an extensive winding staircase, with numerous flights and landings.
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

I don’t recall when I first began reading Corrie Ten Boom’s books. Today it seems like a lifetime ago — but it feels like it was always meant to be. We are all drawn to certain literary works. I was drawn to hers.

The book I’m referring to in the…

Latest News From Harvard Researchers | Could The Next Step Be A Vaccine In Our Near Future ?

Color photo of a magnified virus  specimen.
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

After years of study, Harvard researchers reported in a press release on Thursday, January 13, 2022, their strongest evidence so far about the link of the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)to Multiple Sclerosis.

What Now?

Researcher, Ascherio says that the delay between EBV infection and the onset of MS may be partially…

Who Wouldn’t Appreciate A Best Friend Who Can Keep You Alive Years Longer?

Color photo of “A-maze-ing Laughter”, a 2009 bronze sculpture of a large group of larger than life, laughing bronze men in various poses, by Yue Minjun, located in Morton Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
A-maze-ing Laughter is a 2009 bronze sculpture by Yue Minjun, located in Morton Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada| Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

I love to laugh — who doesn’t? I’m thinking about a scene in the original Mary Poppins movie, where everyone is floating in the air, fueled by their infectious — laughter. …

In Sync With The Frequency And Rhythm Of Our Hearts | Able To Put Us Back In Proper Balance

Color photo of a large surrounding gallery of a mural work of art.
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

When you’re listening to a religious sermon, oftentimes it’s the soul-stirring music before, during and after, that has the greatest impact on your heart, making the difficult life decisions the minister, priest or preacher just talked about, easier to consider and move towards — The music bypasses the brain and…

I’d Seriously Hurt Myself Trying To Help Anyone With My Limited Physical Resources

Color photo of a woman crouched down with a wolf by her side in the woods, looking and listening.
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

One of my neighbors fell yesterday. I rushed to help him. I never rush anywhere, yet here I was, sprinting down the hallway to assist my neighbor get up off the floor.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, and over the years it has always taken me by…

Barb Ann Johnson

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