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Unwritten Rules of the Holiday Table

Don’t Ever Mess With My Holiday Food | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy tiverylucky at freedigitalphotos

It Comes Around Every Year

For some at least a few times a year. Whenever it’s getting close to the holidays, your entire family clan from east to west, north to south and from across the border and wetlands too, begins thinking about getting together for a holiday meal like they do every year. This…

It’s A Centuries Old Myth But Still A Common Practice

Photo of a couple embracing under the Aurora Borealis ( Northern Lights).
Why They Fly To Alaska In The Middle of Winter | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Millions come to Alaska each year for the breathtaking sights, sounds, fresh air, a close up look at wildlife and the fishing. However there’s another Alaskan attraction that continues to draw crowds of tourists to the Alaskan Frontier in the winter months each year — for a different reason.

Keeping The Myth Alive


How Far Will You Go To Belong?

Color photo of a flock of 12 white swans in a body of water, with a small black pigeon looking on from a concrete edge.
She Did It To Be Sociable | To Fit In | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy Simon Hurry at Unsplash

Most of us have a need to belong to a group that’s important to us; be it our primary families, friends, or some other group we’d like to be associated with. We each have our limits to what we are willing to do to belong. We’re willing to go through…

Why Keep It Up Every Year ? | It Never Goes Well

Color photo of a table decorated for a Christmas or winter holiday dinner. A green tablecloth covers the table with filled champagne glasses, silverware, plates set and ready with a partial view of a Christmas tree.
A New Holiday Meal ? | Don’t Even Think About It | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

You’d think after a few tries, she’d get the hint. But no, she didn’t. She doesn’t — get it. As recent as the last Thanksgiving or Christmas family gathering; right before the pandemic lock-downs of 2020, she was again planning and preparing a new, holiday meal to bring to the…

It Was Trying To Tell Her Something

Color photo of a lake side cabin. The day is blue sky, few scattered clouds, trees.
She Said It Found Her | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy Matthew Sichkaruk at Unsplash

A Short Story

The wind suddenly picked up as Millie Larson looked out from the porch. A wall of dark clouds was pushing across the horizon and a light chop developed on Caribou Lake, gently rocking the tiny rowboat tied to the dock. The Far North seasons always brought unpredictable…

Still Cracks Me Up Today | We All Did Back Then

Black and white graphic that reads; Hi I’m Pete!
Hi I’m Pete ! He Said To The Clerk | Barb Ann Johnson | Created by author with Wordswag

He was an enormously friendly guy who couldn’t imagine anyone not knowing who he was. He would be even more disturbed if he didn’t know who you were. Please don’t mistake Pete for someone with a weird semi-narcissistic case. He simply wasn’t that guy. He sincerely believed we should all…

A Heart Full of Thanks

Color photo of a lush, growing rhubarb crop. A black place marker reads; Rhabarber.
Room For Dock | A Heart Full of Thanks | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

A Short Story

Balding maple trees shadowed the river bank while the remains of a cornfield rustled violently in the cold wind. Standing on the cobblestones by the wooden cart, Carl Marion shivered. It was going to be a bad winter but they were well prepared. Suddenly, a strong gust…

They Are Still Holding Out | But Results Don’t Lie

Color photo of shaved dark chocolate and cut pieces, that reads, dark chocolate, the good stuff. Dark Chocolate can ease your MS symptoms.
Can Dark Chocolate Ease Your MS Fatigue ? | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) often have extreme fatigue. It’s the most common, troubling symptom. In many cases, fatigue can lead to someone being unable to continue with their employment; even the ability to do the work that they love.

Is Dark Chocolate A Remedy For MS Fatigue ?

There has been quiet news of sweet relief for fatigue…

It Cleanses The Lungs So You Can Breathe

Color photo of large bushes of lush green Alfalfa plants.
Why You Should Try Alfalfa for Asthma | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy of Jozsef Koller at Unsplash

Fighting to breathe isn’t pleasant but I often find myself doing it, even though I keep an inhaler handy. Our world is full of common and environmental contaminants that can irritate or trigger asthma symptoms without us being aware of it. Next thing you know you’re struggling to breathe. …

Life Is Just Like That

Color photo of a statue of a man in active life struggle on the side of a wall.
The Beauty Of Triumphs And Defeats | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy Yalov Levin at Unsplash

He’s a gifted writer

Known for softening tough hearts

He has a mountain of

Life-draining challenges between the finished product

And his ability to get the writing done

But he gets up, day after day,

Often racked with excruciating pain

Answering the inner call

He writes; because he must


Barb Ann Johnson

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