Forgot To Remove The Coffee Pouch Before Boiling Water For Your Hotel-Room Oatmeal Again ? | You’ll Still Get Your Morning Caffeine Lift And You Won’t Even Notice A Difference In Taste

Don’t Allow A Coffee Oops To Ruin Your Day

Barb Ann Johnson
3 min readApr 5, 2022


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Yep — That’s right it’s me that forgets occasionally.

It’s easy to do when you’re away from home and your schedule is upended with conferences and continuing educational classes you are required to stay up-to date on.

When you’ve got chemistry, trigonometry or the anatomy of T-cell notes swimming around in your head, it’s no small miracle that we don’t forget more things when we’re off our regular routines.

I was just becoming accustomed to the convenience of online conferences and classes — Someone must’ve thought we were getting a little too comfortable.

Even in 2022, I still wind up with old-school coffee makers in my hotel room.

I usually run water through the coffee pouch a second time before making my oatmeal — but every now and then I forget and the coffee remnants run through into my oatmeal instead.

If you forget too — it’s okay. The oatmeal will still taste fine and you’ll hardly detect the coffee infusion.

However, I will only vouch for the following oatmeal combinations:

  • Maple and brown sugar
  • Apples and cinnamon
  • Cinnamon and spice

I sympathize with those of you with spot-on, precise and sensitive taste buds.

When you do forget — try not to allow it to ruin your day.

Try some edible coffee beans as a back up.

The advantage is — you won’t need to rush to use the facilities as often. In fact, you probably won’t need to rush at all.

If you’re like me, you’ll need to hold it together for a little while longer before you can head home. Any type of conference or educational repeat is expensive — so hang in there.



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