I Almost Missed It

Barb Ann Johnson
2 min readMar 17, 2022

Often While We Mumble On About Unimportant Matters — We Miss The Majestic | The Opportunity For Reflection And Peace

In my hotel room as I was unpacking and contemplating about the fact that every hotel room I’ve ever stayed in while traveling alone, always had two beds and how unnecessary and impractical it was if you didn’t need the extra bed— when it saw IT.

The Alaska mountain range — right out of the window. WOW — It was clear, sunny and a spectacular view.

I quickly stopped my unpacking and took up residence on the bed closest to the window, propped myself up with the pillows and gazed at the snowy majestic peaks.

Was this the sleeping lady? Any one of those peaks could be her bosom. But who could tell with all that snow — and my geography is unreliable.

I settled back and enjoyed one of the Alaskan sites that even after living here for 40+ years, I never tire of.

Thank you — God and the hotel management for the extra bed with a view.

Thank you for reading,

Barb Ann

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