I Didn’t Know I’d Left A Charger Under A Lightbulb

After-Effects of A Heat Exposed Charger | Careless Human Error

Barb Ann Johnson
2 min readOct 26, 2021


Color photo of a battery damaged by overheating under a simple light bulb. The insides are inflated and exposed, protruding from its case.
Effects of A Heat Exposed Charger | Barb Ann Johnson | Author Photo

I was headed to bed when I noticed the bloated and exposed charger on the headboard shelf. I’d placed it there earlier in the day while changing the bed sheets. I never gave it another thought. It had to be the first time I’d left it there. It probably would’ve been okay except that I usually turn the headboard light on an hour or so before bed. This night, the charger was about a foot and a half underneath the heat of the small lit lightbulb. Apparently, it was enough to cause the damage you see above. It could’ve been so much worse. It might have exploded. I’m grateful it didn’t. We’ve all heard plenty of those stories.

After-Effects Of A Heat-exposed Charger Under A Small Lightbulb

It Could Have Been A Worse Outcome

Let Us All Be Careful !!

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