It’s A Fun Stroll When You’re A Carefree Teenager

Walking To Yankee Stadium Was A Breeze

Barb Ann Johnson


Color aerial photo of Yankee Stadium. It’s A Fun Stroll When You’re A Teenager. Walking To Yankee Stadium Was A Breeze
It’s A Fun Stroll When You’re A Teenager | Walking To Yankee Stadium Was A Breeze | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Whenever families get together, we all love reminiscing about the funny and dumb things we did when we were young.

One of my dumb things:

It was an errand our mom had been talking about for weeks. She was sending us to the Green Stamp Catalog Store to redeem some of her (A&P) Green stamps for a quilted blanket.

For us girls, it was a fun outing. We enjoyed the freedom of getting out, walking and exploring on a warm, sunny day in the Bronx, New York. It was nothing to walk a couple of miles— we were young.

Every parent knows how distracted teenagers can get. We were no different.

We walked and talked and walked some more; right past and around the delivery truck that was parked in front of the Green Stamp Catalog Store.

We kept walking and talking until we reached Yankee Stadium. A two mile errand turned into a seven mile stroll. That’s when we realized we must’ve walked right past it. We turned around and began the walk back, hoping we didn’t miss it this time.

We found the store. The delivery truck was long gone. We picked up the blanket and continued home to Mom’s doubtful reaction to our story. She had been worried because we were gone much longer than was necessary.

Mom was tough. She ordered us to our rooms without supper. When Dad came home, we begged him to intervene on our behalf.

Mom fed us, but let it be known that she still didn’t believe us. No one could be that dumb —

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