Our Mothers And Grandmothers Could Teach The World Much About Hard Work And Conserving Resources | Ironically No One Ever Thinks To Ask Them

Barb Ann Johnson
3 min readMar 22, 2022

My Mother Was The Face Of Love And Frugality | Now — I’m Her

Just Speculating — But Perhaps If Subsequent Generations Had Kept That Habit Up We’d Be Better Able To Handle Today’s Dwindling Resources

There was a small window of time in the 1930’s, 40’s and early 50’s, when women were actually revered for their frugality. They kept their families clothed and fed on often very little — and rarely if ever wasted anything.

In real-world economics, this translates into real-life practical business and resource expertise, equivalent to several advanced degrees, if we were to evaluate it correctly.

The respect that used to accompany a woman’s natural God — Given skills to address these things is a thing of the past.

I have no doubt womankind would have happily shared the load in sparing the world from much of the global pitfalls we find ourselves in today.

We’ve erred terribly in leaving out the major back — bone of our families and society — our women.

When resources get tight, I often recall Mom talking about when she and her best friend were working just before they got married.

They wanted to ease the upcoming financial load that would come with marriage, so they decided to help by working and saving.

They brought their own tea bags to the local deli where they each had a boiled egg and a cup of tea for lunch every day.

They couldn’t afford much. They shared their tea bag.

It wasn’t a hardship to them — it was a loving necessity. And as Mom is always quick to add — at least we always had a tea bag between the two of us.

Whenever I’m staying at a hotel, which I’m doing a lot lately, I often find myself running the hot water through the coffee pouch a second time — and I can feel Mom’s approval.

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