She Said It Found Her

It Was Trying To Tell Her Something

Barb Ann Johnson
4 min readNov 26, 2021


Color photo of a lake side cabin. The day is blue sky, few scattered clouds, trees.
She Said It Found Her | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy Matthew Sichkaruk at Unsplash

A Short Story

The wind suddenly picked up as Millie Larson looked out from the porch. A wall of dark clouds was pushing across the horizon and a light chop developed on Caribou Lake, gently rocking the tiny rowboat tied to the dock. The Far North seasons always brought unpredictable weather. Just as Millie was about to turn toward the door, movement in the water and a flash of yellow caught her attention. She squinted and then her eyes opened wide as a child at play. Rushing down the stairs with glee, she kicked off her shoes and raced to untie the canoe. Was it possible after all these years? It was funny how we all want to believe the unbelievable.

She had heard stories about people discovering them after many years. Most of those stories were for the most part, true. All were important and meaningful to those who had themselves either buried them or set them afloat.

Millie rowed as fast as she could against the increasing gusts of wind, finally able to reach the yellow mass. She reached out gently grabbing the worn sailboat, careful not to deteriorate it further or tip the canoe over. She managed to get back to the dock, and into the cabin without incident. The winds seemed to be increasing.

After warming up inside, she sat down to take a look at the little sailboat. It was in incredible condition considering it had been out in the elements, somewhere for 20 years. She checked every nook and cranny of the small vessel that Ronnie, Marci’s younger brother had constructed for them. He had taken great care to make it a sound craft; skillfully adding small compartments where she and Marci could stash little trinkets for it for a time capsule of sorts. Millie could hardly contain her emotions. Marci and she had been best friends almost from the crib. Their mothers were as well.

She and Marci had lost touch over the years. College, marriage, children and life had pushed their friendship on the back burner. Something was bugging Millie though. The excitement of the sailboat showing up was more than she could hope for but, there was no other waterway connecting to that lake. How did it get here?

She had thought of Marci often in the last few weeks. She even had a few dreams about



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