Talking Daddy Out Of Shipping His Beloved Gigantic Twelve — Foot Plus Satellite Dish To Alaska | Was Like Taking Candy From A Baby

Our Family Gadget Man | Put Up A Good Fight To Keep One Of His Favorite Toys

Barb Ann Johnson
3 min readFeb 24, 2022


Color photo of a gigantic satellite dish.
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Sadly — Daddy lost that battle. Checking ahead of time before re-locating my dad to Alaska, I verified the satellite size wouldn’t be allowed within the city limits.

Ironically, there was one pretty close to that 12 Ft size within the city limits of Soldotna, Alaska. It belonged to the Mormon Church and their rights were grandfathered in. Daddy huffed and puffed — they’d denied him his toy.

I actually remember the day Daddy bought the satellite dish. The reason is because afterwards he was in serious hot water with Mom.

We all expected Daddy’s regular visits to Radio Shack to include a variety of new fangled electrical and electronic gadgets.

But Daddy really crossed the line with that satellite dish. It was HUGE without any exaggeration necessary. Mom was livid and refused to help put it together.

That didn’t deter Daddy, he had always been handy and put it together himself without any issues. He loved that kind of stuff — it was his passion.

Once it was up and operational, it wasn’t long before Mom warmed up to it, enjoying the benefits of stronger, long-range signals, international feeds and bragging about seeing her soap operas 24 hours earlier than her friends.

Mom never complained about the satellite dish again. She did occasionally mumble about his pyramid gadget that allowed him to control every single TV in the house from afar. It would cause quite an uproar with girls and Mom if we were watching an edge of your seat drama.

Are you a diehard Radio Shack shopper? They are one of the few original brick and mortar electronic stores that still carry some ‘old school technology.’ Here’s a link to their main Amazon page. Thanks for your support 🥰

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