The Beauty Of Triumphs And Defeats

Life Is Just Like That

Barb Ann Johnson
2 min readNov 22, 2021


Color photo of a statue of a man in active life struggle on the side of a wall.
The Beauty Of Triumphs And Defeats | Barb Ann Johnson | Photo Courtesy Yalov Levin at Unsplash

He’s a gifted writer

Known for softening tough hearts

He has a mountain of

Life-draining challenges between the finished product

And his ability to get the writing done

But he gets up, day after day,

Often racked with excruciating pain

Answering the inner call

He writes; because he must

He’s not alive unless he does

Color photo of a singing bird; its beak wide open in full voice while perched on a tree branch on a sunny day.
Photo Courtesy Ryk Naves at Unsplash

She has the voice of an angel

Leaves listeners breathless

As she herself

Struggles for breath

Inbetween — each song

She carries her oxygen tank

Her constant companion

On ocean liners

Instead of planes

Around the world

She shows up

At each performance

To the stage, with a smile

Listens for her cue

Color photo of a kneeling woman high-fiving a companion dog, on a sunny day in a courtyard.
Photo Courtesy Zigmars Berzins at Pixabay

She almost didn’t make it into the world

Except for the bravery of her mother

Fighting for her right to life

Standing against the caution of the doctor

The fear of the father

Afraid, ashamed, to have an imperfect palsy child

But the world needed the daughter — needed her spirit

And she survived, thrived

Defied the odds

Fell in love with dogs

They fell in love with her

Now she teaches them to help those like her



Barb Ann Johnson

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