The Helping Hand Of Adrenaline Mysteriously Arriving To Help Others In Their Time Of Need Comes From Heaven | I Can’t Take Any Credit | There Are Days When I Can Barely Help Myself

I’d Seriously Hurt Myself Trying To Help Anyone With My Limited Physical Resources

Barb Ann Johnson
2 min readJan 6, 2022


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One of my neighbors fell yesterday. I rushed to help him. I never rush anywhere, yet here I was, sprinting down the hallway to assist my neighbor get up off the floor.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, and over the years it has always taken me by surprise. I’ve never been one who’s been able to stand by on the sidelines while someone was in trouble; even-though I’m aware of my limited strength and instability due to MS.

Something just comes over me when someone’s in trouble nearby and without a second thought, I find myself springing into action with this mysterious adrenaline and speed that seems to come from somewhere outside of myself. It certainly can’t be any strength of my own because there are many days I struggle just to lift myself up out of bed and walk.

My son would argue that it’s merely my want to be — alter ego of a Warrior Princess personality taking over to save those in need; overcompensating for a disease (MS) I can’t control. Friends would speculate that it’s the 22 years of bee-venom in my system, that’s turned me into some kind of wild-card mutant.

Whatever is going on, it would appear that I’m a mild mannered MSer on the surface — A Warrior Princess Protector whenever needed.

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