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What Frees And Inspires You To Create?

Barb Ann Johnson
2 min readFeb 16, 2022


Color photo of the inside of a pristine beach house; freshly made quilted covered bed, sun shining outside.
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The environment in which we live, breathe and make our homes is vital to our health and wholeness. I often think of their importance as I see the accumulation of many unnecessary things in my home. The care and upkeep of these things steals the satisfaction I once had at first possession.

I’ve grown into a different person with different needs. These days I prefer a minimalist — to bare bones lifestyle and daily attempt to get rid of a few things. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as I thought it would be.

Yet, it’s my daily attempt

The image and goal that I have in mind is to make my home like a hotel room or suite. Most of us are comfortable in hotels and feel at our very best in a nice, clean, organized and luxurious environment that hotels often provide.

When I think of a favorite hotel in which I’ve stayed, it’s at a particular writer’s conference location on a beach. I’ve stayed in my share of hotels, but this is by far the one I could hold up in for the duration if need be.

The well-kept, uncluttered rooms, beach, salt water and tranquility — I could definitely live and thrive in that environment.

Thank you for reading,

Barb Ann

**This post was inspired by Trista Signe Ainsworth

Trista’s article below, reminded me of when I am happiest and accomplish some of my best creative work.

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