What You Might See Outside Your Hotel Window

When Walking On Ice Is The Most Dangerous And Stressful Part Of Your Day

Barb Ann Johnson
2 min readApr 4, 2022


Winter hasn’t completely let go of Alaska yet.

Just a few minutes before I took this photo, two young people went flying by on skate boards in the middle of the street — which is dry.

But this icy parking lot? It really is as bad as it looks.

I’m praying every time I have to step outside the door of the hotel on foot — and again at the end of the day, making my way back through the icy lot to the safety of the hotel.

And I’m not the only one staying here on business who decided not to bring their vehicle.

Even if you did bring your car, you still have to make it to your car — via the slippery ice.

We’re all holding our breath as we navigate the ice obstacle each day.

For some reason, hotel management has a padlock on the side gate, where the pathway is bone — dry and safer for anyone on foot.

This has been a challenging year across Alaska, with freakish ice and hurricane wind storms — that have literally iced up business entrances, ripped transformers from poles and caused much damage to homes and other properties.

And while we’re all trying to stay upright and make it safely to dry ground everyday, I see this gentleman out of my window, maybe in his 30’s, trying to slide on the ice.

I’m thinking — are you trying to fall and sue the hotel or just desperately bored?

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Barb Ann

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