Why You Need To Look At The Chaga | This Mushroom’s Hidden Beta Globulin Content Has The Power To Fight For Your Health Everyday

The Super Hero Fungus | Gets Its Healing Power From The Frigid Cold Temperatures Of The North

Barb Ann Johnson
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Color photo of the Chaga mushroom fungus growing on a birch tree.
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Many of my friends here in Alaska, are woodsy, want to be outdoors — all the time kind of people. In Alaska you get to be a kid as often as you like — and I’m right there with them, whenever I can manage it.

Living in Alaska is every adventurist’s dream come true. But you miss out on discovering some of its treasures, if you don’t get out outdoors, explore and take advantage of the vast expanse of nature and all Alaska has to offer; including a multitude of medicinal plants, trees and whatever might be growing on them.

My friends are always on the lookout for Chaga mushrooms — a wild forest fungus that grows on birch trees in severe — cold climates.

Chaga Mushroom | Best Source of Beta Globulins

Chaga is a type of mushroom found in the boreal forests of Russia and North America. Chaga mushrooms are sought after because they are an excellent source of beta globulins. Beta globulins are essential for the immune system because they aggressively protect against illness and disease.

What are Beta Globulins?

Beta globulins are protein molecules that are created in the liver and other tissues and are present in blood plasma. Beta Globulins have been studied extensively because they play an important role in immunity by producing antibodies which protect against harmful bacteria, dangerous infections and viruses that enter the body.

In humans, Beta Globulins are the main protein component of antibodies.

The Health Benefits of The Chaga Mushroom

Chaga mushrooms are an excellent source of beta globulins. They also contain minerals like potassium, calcium, and zinc which promote heart health. Other health benefits include cancer prevention, treatment for arthritis, diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

Chaga mushrooms offer more antioxidants than…



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